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How We Work


We publish beautiful books for authors who have considered self-publishing but need a helping hand getting the ‘perfect’ book. Aside from the obvious difficulties in trying to get a book contract, the usual publishing route sees the publisher, distributor and seller take almost all of the profit, often making the authors a matter of pence per copy sold. More and more people are deciding to fund their own projects – we believe it’s the future of publishing!

We help to ensure that our authors never have to compromise on quality – we use our knowledge of the publishing industry and our excellent contacts to pair them up with the right designers, photographers, illustrators, editors etc. for their individual needs and budgets. We also take care of ISBNs and publish the books under the Middle Farm Press imprint. We then sell the books on our website and don’t take any of the profit, it all goes back to the author. We also offer free help and advice about distribution where we can.

This way of publishing appeals to people who have their own route to sales – a farm shop, a restaurant, holiday cottages, stands at festivals etc.