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About Us

Middle Farm Press is the brainchild of writer and editor Kate Taylor and her author colleague Sam Gray, who runs her own smallholding. They set up the company to help authors who are considering self-publishing. Bringing with them the very best designers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, photographers, food economists, printers and cartographers, their aim is to help authors produce the same high-quality books produced by leading UK publishers without having to give away most of the profits.  Since the founding of Middle Farm Press, it has been evolving to include all manner of things. The truth is, if it supports local producers and independent traders, then we stand up, listen and try to get involved.


The Team


Kate Taylor – Director

Kate has worked as a writer and managing editor for nearly 20 years. She                has worked for several well-known publishers and lived in London, New   York and Rome before recently settling in Shropshire. She does editorial consultancy work for various clients such as the United Nations. Writing all manner of content, from a series of books on communities in Britain to a weekly supplement for the Sunday Telegraph and Disney, to website content for several high-profile charities, Kate brings a wealth of experience with her.







Sam Gray – Director

Sam runs a smallholding in Shropshire where she rears British lop pigs, among other things. She is the face of the Ludlow Food Festival 2014 and has her own monthly slot on BBC Radio Shropshire where listeners enjoy hearing well-known local chefs cooking up a storm using Middle Farm pork and vegetables. Sam has written two books – Mabel’s Surprise and Doing it in Wellies. She is passionate about high-quality produce and works on a number of projects within the community.








Bing Taylor – Chairman

Middle Farm Press benefits from the support of Chairman Bing Taylor, described as ‘one of the most likeable and widely experienced players in the book business.’* Bing boasts an impressive CV – roles include President of the Booksellers Association of Great Britain and Ireland; Executive Vice President of Scholastic NYC; General Manager, Europe of W.H.Smith; Managing Director of Jonathan Cape; and Founding Editor of The Good Book Guide. (*Jason Cowley, The Times)





Richard Hammerton – Photographer

rhRichard is the incredibly talented photographer who recently worked on Doing it in Wellies by Sam Gray. He is especially known for his picture-a-day blog and recently exhibited his work at The Silverton.